Do you wash your own work uniform tax rebate?

If your employer makes you wear it, and you have to wash it, you can claim up to £1,635!

Uniform Tax Rebate

Great news for UK employees that wash their own work uniform tax rebate!

When you think of the word ‘uniform’, you probably think of police officers and nurses, but any items of clothing that your employer requires you to wear, such as a shirt with a company logo on, all count. Even if you don’t wear a uniform but do pay for the upkeep of your own work tools, you may still have a uniform tax rebate claim.

If your employer requires you to wear a uniform, and you are responsible for washing it, then you could be eligible for a yearly tax allowance of up to £1,022 every year. You can also claim a refund from HMRC for the previous four tax years that you have missed out on.

Why are you able to claim for a uniform allowance?

Cleaning your own unform or repairing your own work tools incurs a cost. This is considered a work expense, and as such, is eligible for tax relief. HMRC establish ‘flat rates’ to cover these expenses. The amount of tax relief you can claim depends on your job and the industry you work in.

What is a ‘flat rate’ expenses?

To deal with individual expense claims for every employee would be too time consuming for HMRC, so they have negotiated flat rate deductions. This is a fixed amount of tax relief, agreed with trade unions to cover industries and job roles on a national basis.

By claiming a ‘flat rate’ allowance, you are not required to provide receipts or records of what you have spent.

How do you know if your job is eligible?

HMRC publish a list of job roles and flat rate deductions on their website. You can check for free if you are eligible by using our online form. Flat rate deductions range from £60 to £1,022 per year.

You can claim your refund by contacting HMRC directly and completing all the necessary paperwork. Alternatively, we have set up a simple to use, 100% online application that you can use to start your claim today. It only takes two-minutes to complete, and you can be on your way to receiving any refund you are due.