Cabin Crew

If you work for an airline and your employer does not contribute towards the cost of cleaning your uniform, you may be eligible to claim a tax rebate from HMRC. All uniformed employees are entitled to tax relief for uniform cleaning, but the allowances for cabin crew are some of the most generous available.

Health Care Workers

Nurses, midwives and other healthcare workers are amongst a rare group of employees who are eligible to claim extra tax relief for certain expenses they incur as part of their job. Over the years, this tax relief can add up to hundreds of pounds and can only be reclaimed by submitting a claim to HMRC.

Work Mileage Allowance Refund

If you are required to use your own vehicle for work, you may be able to claim Mileage Allowance Relief from HMRC based on the number of business miles you travel. This tax relief could be worth up to 45p for every mile you have traveled since April 2015.

Mechanic Tax Rebate

Regardless of the industry you work in, if you pay for your own tools, then you’ll be eligible for a tool tax refund. This is really handy for those working as mechanics, auto technicians and engineers who could be entitled to a nice chunk of money back at the end of each financial year. With average first-time refunds of around £900, you could be lining the taxman’s pockets by not claiming your allowance, so read on to find how you can go about claiming your tool tax refund and start thinking about all of the things you could spend that cash on.

Police Officer

Most police officers are entitled to claim a special flat rate tax allowance of £140 every year. If you pay tax at the basic rate (20%), this means you will save £28 per year by claiming this relief. You can claim this back for the last 4 years, so you could potentially receive a cash refund of £112 if you have not claimed before.

Teacher Tax Refund

Teachers and other education professionals can claim tax relief on costs such as professional subscriptions and other work-related expenses. Depending on your circumstances, claims can be backdated to cover the last 4 tax years, so don’t miss out on what you are entitled to.

Uniform Tax Refund

If you wear a company branded uniform/safety gear at work, and your employer does not provide washing facilities to you, you can claim an allowance from HMRC for the cost of washing your uniform. We will tell you how much money workers in your industry are eligible to claim and we will help you submit a claim for that amount to HMRC.

Marriage Tax Allowance Refund

Marriage Allowance allows the lower earner within the marriage or civil partnership to transfer £1,190 of their unused personal allowance to their higher-earning partner, doing this will reduce the higher earner’s income tax bill by up to £238 per year.

Overpaid Tax

You may have overpaid tax for several reasons, including if an employer gave you an incorrect tax code or if you changed jobs during a tax year. We will include a claim for overpaid tax in your tax refund claim, and we will help you provide any relevant information to HMRC to address any confusion regarding your employment(s).

Union or Professional Fees

HMRC has approved tax relief on fees for certain professional organisations and unions. We can include these expenses in your claim, please click here to read the full list of approved organisations and unions.

Working From Home (WFH)

If your employer has asked you to work from home, we can help you claim up to £6 per week for expenses you incurred whilst working from home. You do not have to provide receipts to claim up to £6 per week of expenses. Currently, we are unable to help you claim more than £6 per week of expenses.


If you have withdrawn money from your pension, you may have overpaid tax on that withdrawal. We will help you prepare your claim for submission to HMRC.

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