Are you married or in a civil partnership? You can claim Marriage Allowance Tax

marriage allowance tax

Households across the UK are enjoying their £1000 refunds!

HMRC allow couples to backdate their claims for the previous four years. This means that not only will you be saving money in the future, but you could also receive a substantial refund of up to £960.

What is tax relief?

Do you need your partner’s permission to claim?

Yes. Both partners are required to provide their consent to claim. We will require details for the both of you. The lesser earner will be transferring their allowance to the higher earner, and it is the higher earner that will receive the refund from HMRC.

What information do I need to provide?

It could not be easier. We just require contact details for you and your partner, confirmation of both your incomes for the previous four years (don’t worry about exact amounts), and the date you got married or entered a civil partnership.

How can you claim your marriage allowance tax?

You can claim your marriage allowance tax refund by contacting HMRC directly and completing all the necessary paperwork. Alternatively, we have set up a simple to use, 100% online application that you can use to start your claim today. It only takes two-minutes to complete, and you can be on your way to receiving any refund you are due.