Cabin Crew

If you work in the airline industry, you could be eligible to claim a tax rebate of up to £1200.

Yes, you can backdate your claim to the FOUR previous tax years, so if you’ve been in the job for FIVE years or more you could be due a tax rebate in excess of £300.

Flat Rate Expense For Cabin Crew

If you work for an airline carrier and your employer does not contribute towards the cost of cleaning your uniform, you may be eligible to claim a tax rebate from HMRC. All uniformed employees are entitled to a tax rebate for uniform cleaning, but the allowances for cabin crew are some of the highest amounts available.

Numerous airlines have a privately concurred allowance for the upkeep of the uniform and equipment that are necessary for your job. Unite has negotiated a recompense for cabin crew who work for BA, Virgin, Flybe, Monarch, Easyjet and Thomson worth around £720 every year, which is normally worth around £144 in tax rebate. As this is a fixed allowance for cabin crew, HMRC have confirmed you don’t need to provide any receipts or proof of actual expenditure incurred in order to claim.

If you work for any of these airlines, we advise you check your tax coding for next year carefully to ensure that HMRC has revised your allowance to the new rate. Similar allowances may also be available for cabin crew working with other airlines. Even if you do not belong to a Unite you should apply, otherwise you may lose out.

These allowances aren’t published on HMRC’s website as cabin crew employees make a up a very small fraction of the UK workforce, but we can obtain a rebate if you enter a claim through us.

Visas & Vaccinations

If you have had to pay for any visas or vaccinations out of your own pocket, we will help you claim tax relief on these expenses. HMRC will usually allow you to claim up to 20% of such expenses providing your employer has not already reimbursed you.